Creative Movement Photography


It all started when…

I was three. My love for dance has grown significantly each year of my life. When I was younger people asked me all the time what I wanted to be when I grew up. Without hesitation, every time, I said, “A dance teacher!” It’s pretty incredible how God can make our childhood dreams come true. I now teach dance and work closely with the Movement Dance competition. I am blessed to be able to join my two passions together.

If I could work with dancers every day, I would. I have traveled all over the nation photographing the raw talent of dancers ages 3 to professional. A fire is lit under me when I see passion pouring out of dancers and I just want to capture that intense connection. Dance will forever be part of me. Let’s dance!

Dance photography and video are available starting at $450.

The Paper Ballet

In 2018, The Paper Ballet came to life. Read all about it here!


Dance Videography

Let’s preserve all the hard work we put into our routines and showcase individual talent! Who is ready to build their portfolios or want to create a conceptual art piece? I’m down!